Community Outreach

The community outreach program is an essential part of the Hispanic American Medical Association structure. There is a permanent committee within the association that deals specifically with projects for the community. In the past two years, HAMAH organized several programs with the city and its members, including:

  • Two Annual Toy Drives which were very successful, allowing HAMAH to distribute around 500 toys each year to Hispanic children less privileged around different pediatric clinics within the city, Hospitals, and Foundations.
  • First book drive “Historias que nos Conectan” launched during Hispanic Heritage Month on September 2018. We collected more than 1000 Spanish books and distributed them in clinics and Hospitals with a high Hispanic population. This project aims to promote literacy among Hispanic families and their children.

The Hispanic Community in Houston needs to know more about our Association to build a stronger relationship, for this reason, HAMAH will continue working during 2019 on the projects already established and collaborate on educational events to promote health in our Hispanic community.

Maria Claudia Caldas, M.D.

Past Events