One of our top priorities is to increase knowledge among Hispanics within the Healthcare industry, therefore our organization has developed a Mentoring Program and Scholarships to fulfill our goal.

Mentoring Program

Part of our responsibility to the Hispanic community includes serving as role models for the generations to come. Multiple members of our association serve this purpose as members of our local medical schools, by receiving students in their practice or by guiding young members of our community.

HAMAH takes this responsibility seriously and is continually trying to increase the outreach to the future doctors who can benefit from close interaction with our members. We have strategically reached to the Latin Medical Student Associations in our city to have interactive mentoring sessions. The sessions will be initially focused on the current medical school trainees and will expand to include college and high school students.

There is an increasing shortage of Hispanic physicians in the US, and this affects the healthcare of our communities. The mentoring program will strive to allow our members to share experiences and serve as role models for future physicians in our community.

All of these efforts allow us to respond to the mission of our society whose essential goals are to promote health and medical education to the community; network within its members and to provide scholarships to Hispanic medical students in the Houston and Harris County area.

Roy Riascos M.D.
HAMAH past president 2018


Our founders, members and partners firmly believe that education is the key to success. Therefore and for the past 28 years our organization has been conceding Scholarships to Hispanics across the Houston area.

The Program’s purpose is to increase the number of Hispanic students who are committed to increasing health equity and successfully go thru medical school, other health professions school or to graduate school in science and research careers in the United States.

If you wish to apply and discover more about the program please reach out.

Scholarships Recipients

“One of the challenges as a medical student is budgeting cost of living while also paying for tuition and other medical school expenses, including board examinations. The HAMAH scholarship is going to help me cover a good portion of the cost of my board examinations, relieving some of the financial stress and allowing me to focus more on academic leadership and community service. I’m grateful to HAMAH for supporting the advancement of Hispanic students in the medicine.”

“The financial aid I have received during my medical education, including the HAMAH scholarship, has allowed me to focus on school and community outreach. Any scholarship received, no matter the amount, decreases the financial burden on students. Furthermore, it encourages the scholarship recipients to give back to the community. I appreciate the support I have received from HAMAH, and the donors that make that scholarship possible.”